our core business

Engraving | CNC

We use a high end laser to engrave and cut our designs. We can even engrave a high quality image onto wood.

We can do single jobs or large production batches. What ever your needs are, we are here to support you.

grateful wood work design wood engraving

People First

We find it very important that you will receive what you desire.

For us communication is key.

Quality of work

We always strife to use the best quality of material for your job.

We also use FSC and other sustainable woods to ensure the future of forestry.


The owner of Gratful Woodwork quit his job as a Industrial Product designer and Engineer, to pursuit his passion and create beautiful products for you.


We have over fourteen years of experience with woodworking and with our engineering and designing background.

We can take care of your every need.

The possibilities
go as far as
your imagination.

Wood engraving

This is a memorial plaque, for the Dutch tugboat day’s in Biddinghuizen. Every contester received a plaque.

Photo portrait

This is a really realistic im memorial photo engraving in Maple wood.  

sock rulers gratefull woodwork tanja Steinbach

Lager productions

These sock rulers are designed for Tanja Steinbach by her specifications. These rulers are a helpfull tool to knitt socks from yarn. They are being sold by the yarn shop in Kleve, Germany.


More then wood

Did you know there are more materials possible then just wood?

Wood is the most choosen material to use for engraving, but it’s not the only possibilty. We can also engrave on leather like you can see on the picuture. We’ve made multiple leather work aprons.


Some of our best work

Besides using the laser for engraving on leather, it’s also possible to engrave on other materials like metal.

These knives have been custom made for other clients and you can see more work like this here.